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This is a wiki about the game A Tale of Bards, Beards & Birds, commonly referred to as Bards, Beards & Birds (BBB). You can find information about the characters, the story, locations, etc.

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What is Bards, Beards and Birds? Edit

In Bards, Beards and Birds (BBB) the player becomes Emmon, a young, miserably failed bard. During the game Emmon will develop his magical musical skills in order to undo an evil plot at the royal court. Emmon's path to become the powerful Master of Sound takes place in an engaging and living 3d fantasy world.

In BBB the player will face a combination of intriguing game mechanics as the game will combine characteristics of the point and click genre (such as interactive dialogues and interactive scenery) and the rpg genre (exploration, a hero levelling up in battles with monsters and the collection of goods and money). All this will be connected by a compelling story, ever present humour and music.

Player experience Edit

The game seeks to combine different genres, with a general division between a peaceful, investigation part in the inhabited world and more action based adventures into the unknown. The alternation of spheres will give a refreshing gaming experience, because the player can always decide to go into the wilderness to level up in fighting, or to go solve quests and spend time in the towns. This touches upon an important part of the gaming experience: the freedom for the player. He can follow the main quest, but might want to, and sometimes has to, engage in some of the many other activities in the world. The non-linearity of the game will make sure the player never has to get bored. Central in the world of BBB is that the player can go far beyond the main story. For instance, in his conversations with characters he can talk about many silly topics that are irrelevent for solving the main quest. In the field of action he can pursue collecting and mastering many different instruments to fight with, even if it would be possible to stick to his standard bard's lute. All this will make sure that if the player gets stuck somewhere, there is always some other nice things to explore.

In the playful world of BBB, the player can wonder and feel a sense of happiness, rather than feeling stuck in a quest routine that has to be followed. Of course the competitive element is there as well, as the player will try to get stronger and advance in the story line. It is for this reason that the player never has to feel lost. When he chooses he can pick up and pursue the competitive part of the game.

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